About Us

History: Formed in 2000, the firm limits its practice to residential real estate closings. By following our principle of the "Golden Rule", we have experienced tremendous growth and gained a loyal following of loan officers, real estate agents, buyers and sellers.

Location: The firm currently has five closing locations. Our corporate office is located in Kennesaw, with additional closing locations in Duluth, Alpharetta and Atlanta/Buckhead.

Attorneys and Staff: Each attorney and staff member is an experienced professional. All attorneys and closers have a minimum of ten years experience. All have come to the firm from other firms seeking a work environment that reflects their personal standards and convictions.

Speed and efficiency: Within 24 hours of receiving a title order or sales contract a file has been created, title has been requested and returned, information forms sent to all parties, payoffs requested and all required forms sent to the lender. This process is done faster than any other firm. This same dedication to speed and efficiency is carried over to closing day, as we always start on time. Our lobby areas are for clients and customers who arrive early, not to wait on us to "catch up."

Communication: When an order or contract is received the closing is immediately assigned to a closer and an attorney. Information forms are sent to all parties notifying them of the closer and attorney's contact information. The closer will retain the file until the conclusion of the closing. There is never a question as to who to talk to, or where the file is. Also, the client will have the same closer and attorney for each closing, unless requested otherwise. This creates a consistency of service and communication that other firms cannot duplicate.

To contact us:
Phone: 770-426-9889
Fax: 770-528-0889